Requiem for a Beloved Purple Dress

The story of how I lost a bunch of my various boutiques clothing during vacation, but found something new.

Four and a half years ago, I found myself shipwrecked and possession-less in Indonesia. After jumping off a boat and swimming …

How I Decide on Exactly where to Travel Subsequent

Kate in Santorini

&#8220How do you pick exactly where to travel subsequent?&#8221

It surprises me whenever I hear it, but this is 1 of the most well-liked queries I get. And as much as I believe I just choose a destination and go, …

Attaching Decor to the RV Walls without having Screws

Final year my wife picked up a fashionable piece of decorative art for our fifth wheel. A hand carved cedarwood eagle from a neighborhood Vancouver Island native artist. We thought it would look awesome mounted above our entrance doorway.

Thunderbird Native Carving


How to Survive Pre-Trip Anxiousness

Cartagena, Colombia

I wrote the 1st draft of this post on my flight from JFK to Cartagena, and I’m embarrassed to say that I practically didn’t get on the plane.

As the departure date of my Colombia trip loomed, knots grew in …

An Alpaca Photo Essay

alpaca new zealand

Is it just me or are alpacas the coolest animals ever? I mean, my god, just look at their faces! How can you not adore them?

Delightful, fluffy creatures that just ooze sass and charm, I would go as far …

RV Fire Safety Suggestions and Suggestions

We’ve all seen these horrific images and video footage of RV fires. The way RVs are constructed, and the materials used lends them to burn and go up in smoke extremely speedily. If inside you literally have seconds to escape.

5 widespread fears I face traveling and how I handle them

travel fears

It nevertheless blows me away how afraid individuals can be of the planet. I&#8217m about to share my thoughts about #fearlesstravel. Dig in.

Perhaps it&#8217s just because we are force-fed horror travel stories and are told to have travel fears …

Cleaning the RV Water Heater Tank With Vinegar Tip

Every year I drain our Suburban six gallon RV water heater for cleaning and upkeep. For the duration of this upkeep, I check the anode rod for deterioration, replacing if required and thoroughly flush out the inside of the tank

How to Rock a Trip to Johannesburg

DSCF5741Carlton Centre

&#8220Is it really worth it to visit Johannesburg?&#8221

Absolutely. I consider it&#8217s fantastic for any trip to South Africa, but particularly your 1st. On my very first trip to Joburg in 2012, I was absolutely shocked at how much I …