I’m Promoting T-Shirts

I&#8217m now selling T-Shirts! Over the years I have had many requests from readers and viewers to take into account making products with the chreaprvliving brand, factors like bumper stickers and T-Shirts, but up till now, I&#8217ve never ever gotten …

The colors of the Gold Coast, Australia

visit gold coast

I only just got back to New Zealand soon after a week over on the Gold Coast in Australia, and it was ridiculously tropical, stunning, and colorful &#8211 quite a lot the opposite of New Zealand. As a lot as …

My Favorite Experiences in Western Australia

Kate at Pinnacles Desert

What struck me 1st about Western Australia was just how sparsely populated it was. I would adhere to our route on Google Maps for hours and think, &#8220Okay, we&#8217re finally acquiring to a real town now.&#8221 And that town would …

Reviewing the TadiBrothers Wireless RV Backup Camera

Since installing the Tadibrothers wireless RV backup camera last month, I’ve had a likelihood to use it for a couple of hundred miles in the course of our RV road trip south. The travel situations have been demanding due to

A picture ideal powder day in the Swiss Alps

winter jungfrau switzerland

The first time I visited Interlaken in Switzerland in 2008, I was a fresh faced and wide-eyed twenty year old girl on holiday from studying abroad in Spain. I&#8217m fairly sure that was the initial time I laid eyes on …

So it&#8217s Thanksgiving,  time for another obligatory gratitude post. I know what I&#8217m supposed to say right here: how thankful I am and list off all the fantastic factors that happened to me this year. And then I&#8217m supposed to …

The Conversation We Would Be Possessing

Kate at Table Mountain


I met you at a party. Or possibly a bar. We&#8217re close friends of friends. Quite likely total strangers.

I hope that right now you and I are speaking about life in New York. Or hilarious dating disasters. Or …

The Best Gifts for Travelers (Amazing AND Inexpensive!)

Kate at the White House at Christmas

Guess what, guys — I’ve been running a variety of blogs since 2002 (!) and this is the first time I have ever published a gift guide. 


Why start now? Because, frankly, I’m sick of reading out of touch …

STAYING CLEAN Whilst Conserving Water

Nowadays we&#8217re going to have a guest post by a new buddy Kimberly, on organic methods for a nomad to remain clean. Because we are in such tiny spaces it&#8217s really essential that we use as small water as possible,

Who I’m voting for….

It&#8217s a very critical time of year guys. An pivotal election is currently underway. Tensions are elevated. Competition is strong, and the stakes are very higher. Issues could get ugly.

Voting has a lot of stress, I don&#8217t want to …